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Thank you for your interest in Hardware Artwear.
  • N100 Cracked Honey
  • N144 Azor
  • N179 Trulie
  • N219 Enki
  • N238 Patina
  • N252 Sherri Bean
  • N254 Yesteryear
  • N283 Scallop
  • N288 Elizabeth
  • N290 Isa
  • N294 Crystal Grid
  • N300 Bolero
  • N304 Native Blu
  • N306 Bushmaster
  • N310 Bethany
  • N311 Dragons Eye
  • N366 Globe Plotter A
  • N375 Blue Tears
  • N377 Kosmo
  • N382 Yin Yin
  • N385 Sea Springs
  • N396 Coiled
  • N416 DeMarah
  • N417 Sonatah
  • N418 Metal Feather
Hardware Artwear

Jewlery is created using components that were designed, in their use, to be hidden from our eyes.
Hardware components like metal washers and nuts, resistors and capacitors used in electronics, and the tiny brass valve stems and springs found in disposable lighters, are all up- cycled into something unique and beautiful. 
As raw materials, these components are used in ways that they were not originally meant, or designed to be used.
A metal washer is drilled or cut and covered in the pattern of a peacock feather and suddenly it becomes a thing of beauty and color.

A flat disk capacitor can be painted and embellished with the foil from a DVD and it becomes a delicate little "bead" with tiny sparkling mirrors.
These components suddenly become something much bigger than what the original designer had planned for them to be.
Each Artwear is unique, there is only one of its kind made.
 Patterns may be used more than once, but the way the piece is designed and made is different every time.
We all want to show who we are in a unique way, to stand out as an individual.
  Wearing an original Hardware Artwear necklace will embellish the strong, beautiful and unique creation you are.